Are you losing sleep because of your divorce?

Are you feeling scared? Unsure of your future?

If so, join the club…

Now, there’s an on-line forum to find comfort, healing and community during possibly one of the most difficult transitions you’ll ever experience: divorce.

The 1AMClub (which can also be read as The “I Am” Club) is designed to provide comfort, a safe place to share, get a reality check, and even be inspired in the wee hours of the night when no one else is awake.

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Do the Gremlins have you?

I call the time between 1:00 am and 5:00 am the “Gremlin Hours” because that’s when we’re most susceptible to negative thoughts. It’s almost as if the Gremlins know there’s no one to reach out to and, man, do they dig in!

Divorce—with all the unknowns and grief—can be one of the most trying transitions anyone will ever endure. It’s natural (even healthy when done in moderation) to think about all the worst case scenarios such as being homeless, penniless and alone forever.

To feel alone in the middle of the night can be nothing short of torturous.

My Hope

In my teleseminar series, “What Keeps You Up At Night?” I heard from many of you about your suffering. Until now, the only tool I could offer to help clients move the negative thoughts through their mind was journaling. Although there is science showing the benefits of writing to process pain (and I still prescribe it), the down side is that you’re still isolated with your gremlin thoughts. It made me wonder if there might be a way for people to get relief anywhere, any time, any day of the week.

It is my deepest hope that this site will be the solution.

– Susan Pease Gadoua, Author, Contemplating Divorce, and, Stronger Day By Day

What the 1AMClub IS:
  • It’s a space designed for you to find comfort, safety and healing and to feel less alone.
What the 1AMClub IS NOT:
  • The 1AMClub is not a therapy site.
  • It’s not an advice site.
  • And it’s definitely not a dating site.
Here’s what you receive by joining:
  • An anonymous user name
  • A sense of community with others going through divorce
  • Inspirations from Susan
  • Writing prompts and exercises from Susan
  • A space to talk about your fears
  • A place to get reality checks
  • A calmer mind so you can go back to sleep.