Why Do I Need to Pay for Membership?

writers-wellness-group-2015 In order to be part of The 1 AM Club, you’ll need to fill out an application form and pay a nominal fee. In an age when there is so much information out there for free, you may be wondering why we charge a fee and why you have to become a member? There are a couple of reasons for this.
The first is that we screen everyone who joins because we don’t want just anyone to have access to the site. This forum is meant to be a safe space for members to share their deepest emotions and private thoughts.

We monitor all comments that are made and we reserve the right to take away access to the site if anyone posts inappropriate statements, threats or solicitations.

Ad-free Zone:
Secondly, by paying a fee and filling out an application, we know that it will be an ad-free zone because advertisers (or harassers) can’t join.
Your safety and well-being are our greatest concern. If we play even a small role in helping you rest easier, we know we’ve done our job. We wish you the best in your divorce journey.

Want to Join the 1amClub? Here is how!

1 Year Membership Access
$12 billed each year
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1 Month Membership
$5 billed each month
This option is only available for Paypal users.
6 Month Membership
$17 billed every 6 months

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